Time to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet? 5 Indicators 

August 9, 2021

By  Liam Smith

Time to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet? 5 Indicators

Are you thinking about replacing your kitchen faucet? If so, then you might be wondering when is the best time to do it. You could replace it now, but if there’s nothing wrong with the one you have right now, why bother? Many factors go into deciding when a kitchen faucet needs replaced – some of them are more obvious and others less so.

Here are three signs from our experts that will help guide you in making this decision for yourself:

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet

Time to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet? 5 Indicators
Time to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet? 5 Indicators

You may need to replace your faucet if: 

1) It has been leaking for months or years

The kitchen faucet has been dripping for months or years, and while it might seem like a minor problem that can be taken care of with some plumber’s tape, the situation is much more serious than you think.

When water leaks from your faucet over time without being fixed properly, many problems could occur in addition to wasting large amounts of water:

  • Mold growth beneath sinks
  • Damage to cabinets behind leaky plumbing fixtures
  • Rotten wood under floors around leaking pipes due to wet conditions

2) The handle feels loose and wobbly

If your kitchen faucet handle feels loose and wobbly, you should replace it. The problem may be as simple as a leaky washer at the bottom of the spout or more serious such as rust on rivets that secure handles to fixtures. Either way, this can result in water spills across countertops, leading to costly damages for homeowners down the line, so fixing now is always best.

3) The spray nozzle doesn’t stay in place

If your kitchen faucet spray nozzle doesn’t stay in place, then it’s probably time to replace the entire fixture. There are many reasons why this could happen: corrosion, old age, and wear-and-tear. Replacing a single part of an older faucet can be expensive and tricky because sometimes details need special tools to remove them from their position (like filters). It is less costly and easier on you if you get an entirely new one.

4) The color or finish on your faucet has worn off

Time to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet? 5 Indicators
Time to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet? 5 Indicators

The kitchen is the heart of a home; it’s where people come together to cook and share meals. But if your faucet has worn off its color or finish, then you should replace it before the food starts contaminating what could otherwise be clean water.

Fixtures in the kitchen such as sink, stovetop, a dishwasher can often become dirty when they are not maintained properly over time. That means that any water coming from them will have traces of dirt on them too, which may cause contamination during cooking unless you replace fixtures like these with newer ones periodically.

5) Your water flow decreases noticeably after running for a few minutes

You know your kitchen faucet is not working properly when you notice a drastic decrease in water flow after running it for five minutes.

If the water from your sink starts to run more slowly, this may indicate an issue with the plumbing system somewhere, and replacing or repairing them should be done immediately before they’re further damaged.


When you find your kitchen faucet is leaking, clogging up, or just not working well anymore, it’s time to get a new one. We hope this blog post has helped you decide when it might be the best time for your home to replace its old-fashioned water taps with something more efficient and modern. Check out our round-up post on the best kitchen faucet brands that will last for years.

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