7 Reasons You Should Install a Touchless Faucet in Bathroom 

July 19, 2021

By  Liam Smith

The touchless bathroom faucet is an excellent innovation. It's a perfect way to get the water just right without having to touch anything. The touchless faucets are made with infrared sensors which detect when you're near and will automatically turn on for your convenience - no need for dirty hands or inconvenient button pressing anymore.

Reasons to Use Touchless Faucet

1. Saves Water

Reasons You Should Install a Touchless Bathroom Faucet

A touchless faucet is an economical and effective way to save water in the bathroom. It has a sensor that detects when someone moves within 2 feet of it, which activates the flow for 30 seconds before turning off automatically with just one tap on its surface.

2. Saves Time

When you wash your hands, the touchless faucet saves time by cutting out a step of having to turn on and off the water. Touchless faucets save me tons of time when I'm washing my hands because touching them cuts down on that extra step needed for turning it back on.

3. Saves Soap

The touchless faucet is an effort to conserve soap. The use of a simple motion sensor on the new Touchless Faucet can save you precious bubbles and time! Just wave your hand under the spout without touching anything else in the process, then rinse with water as usual- it's that easy.

4. Makes Fashionable

Touchless faucets are the new trend in home d├ęcor. With a simple touch, you can turn on the water without having to use your hands or dirty them with germs that might be lurking around. These stylish devices have become so popular that they're now being featured as eye-catching centerpieces for many kitchens and bathrooms alike. Touchless faucets make dealing with hygiene quick and easy, not to mention more fashionable than ever before.

5. Makes Peace

Reasons You Should Install a Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Touchless faucets are a good invention for people who have small children. There is no need to worry about germs as there will be none present on the spout when you turn it off. People with specific allergies can also use them without an allergic reaction from any soap residue left behind after washing their hands.

6. Makes Easy Access 

Touchless faucets make washing hands more effortless than ever before since all that's needed is just one tap of an elbow on the sensor pad, and water starts flowing automatically. Nowadays, many bathrooms also come with lower sinks, making them even more accessible, especially if you're tall like me.

7. Temperature Control

From the moment you turn on your touchless faucet, it can dispense water at a variety of temperatures. This is perfect for brushing your teeth and needing cool or warm water to rinse with. The best part about this convenience? There's no chance that germs from outside will be carried into your bathroom.


The touchless faucet is here, and it's time for everyone who owns or lives in a home with one to get up-to-date on what they are all about.

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Liam Smith

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