How to Fix a Leaky Kitchen Faucet 

February 22, 2023

By  Liam Smith

Even if you buy an expensive and leak-free kitchen faucet, chances are that it might leak at some point or even right after installation. Well, there could be multiple reasons of leaky faucet and that we will look shortly and how to fix them. Before going into this you must be aware of the fact that leaking faucet is not only the reason of bad quality but it is quite likely that you have installed it in a totally wrong way.

To make sure what to do next time, read on.

When you see any leaky faucet we have got some tricks and tips for you. Next sections are divided based on the material used in the faucet or the company where they are manufactured. That way,you could get a clear idea of what’s going on behind leaking and how to fix a leaky kitchen faucet.

Find Out the Source

Now you have seen that the faucet is leaking and here comes the first question that needs to be answered. What is the source of leakage? Whether it is from the base or somewhere at the top.

How to Fix Leaky Kitchen Faucet

What Type of Kitchen Faucet Do You Have?

First, you need to be well aware of the model at which you are going to work on. There are many different designs of faucet out there in the market and accordingly need repair. Some of the common types of faucets are discussed here to give you a basic knowledge.

  • Cartridge faucet: Handle in this faucet has a cartridge underneath the handle and that will play an important role in leakage repair.
  • Compression faucet: This is probably the easiest type of faucet to identify because of its two handles.
  • Ceramic disk faucet: As the name suggests, this is the kind of faucet if you open it up you will find out ceramic cylinder under the handle.
  • Ball faucet: You will get to see the ball bearing under the handle of this faucet.

With all this information back in your mind you have to move forward and learn how to handle each of the type differently.

Logistics Required

How to Fix a Leak

This is a tricky part. The repaircould lead to highly customized set of tools to operate with some of the types. As a matter of fact, rotary ball faucets needs very basic tools and you do not need to worry about if you have got other types.

You can buy a kit of tools for your very own designed faucet. It will only cost 10 to 300 bugs. Some of the basic material that you have to keep during repair goes like split-joint pliers, needle-nose pliers, Allen wrenches, flat-head screwdrivers etc.

Fixing The Leak Of Your Kitchen Faucet

As mentioned above, there are different sort of problems associated with leaky faucets based on their type. We will discuss one by one so that you get the clear idea of how to handle the situation.

1. Fixing a Cartridge Faucet

How to Fix a Leak

This is probably the most reliable type of faucets but the bad news is that if you get a leaky cartridge faucet then it gets bit more complicated to fix.

First of all, you have to take the retaining clip. You can remove the handle and use pliers to get the job done. Now the next step is to loosen the cartridge and right after that you have to take out the faucet spout.

You can use wrench for taking out the faucet spout and then only you will be able to find out O-rings. Then you will have to place new O-rings using grease and fix it where the old one was placed. Now all you need to do is to get back the handle in its initial position.

2- Fixing a Compression Faucet

How to Fix a Leak

You will be glad to know that not only the spare parts of compression faucet are inexpensive but they are also easy to repair. After removing the handle using screwdriver you will have to remove the nut and for this you must need a wrench in good shape. There you go as you are now inspecting the O-rings and washer you need to be pretty much careful here.

As we mentioned earlier if the leakage is from the handle then you go for O-ring change and if there is faucet’s body that is the source of leakage. You have to change washer instead. After knowing this difference well all you have to do is to bring the new O-rings or washer accordingly and place it. After getting done with this job you are simply required to reassemble the handle.

3. Fixing Ceramic Disk Faucet

This is most likely the reliable type of faucets where you do not get leakages even after a long time of use. Again the process starts from removing the handle and here you will see escutcheon cap which is made up of metal (in most of the cases). You need to take out this cap. Having removed the cap you will be able to remove the disk cylinder using wrench, where you will see neoprene seals.

It is recommended that you buy a new seal and place it as it could be in really bad shape after long usage. After reassembling the handle you have to take care that right after the repair you have to turn on the water gradually. If you go for full water flow the problem might occur again.

4. Fixing Ball Faucet

Here comes the type of faucet where you not only in need of expensive repair parts but also the tools as compared to what we have seen earlier. After having complete tool kit and repair parts you need to remove the handle.

In order to remove washer or O-rings you will have to navigate by removing cap and collar using wrench or pliers. After that you have to dislocate the cam and there you go, take out the springs and seal. Bring all your new repair kit items and place them like O-rings, seals, cam washer etc. Now you are ready to reassemble and use it all again.

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