Hansgrohe Cento Kitchen Faucet Review 

June 22, 2023

By  Liam Smith

When it comes to quality and reliability then there is no comparison between Hansgrohe and other kitchen faucets’ brands. This kitchen faucet is Hansgrohe cento kitchen faucet which is constructed with solid brass. Not only this but this faucet has got steel optik finish which makes sure it keeps always new.

With some of the old features of Hansgrohe kitchen faucets has also got quick clean as an extra feature to give you far better services. The water flow from this faucet is compliance with Europe and California and that is the reason you will get drought water flow. If you like to have other water flow ratings then you can go for 2.2 or 2.5 GPM water flow. The aeration problem may rise with higher water flow ratings and this may cause splashing which is unlikely to happen at lower water flow.

Hansgrohe Cento

  • Solid Brass and Steel Optik Finish
  • Magnetic Sprayhead Docking
  • Features a sprayhead with 2 spray modes
  • Easy Installation

Features of the Hansgrohe Cento

Hansgrohe has always been producing some of the best quality kitchen faucets with unique features. This one has also kept its place high, the Hansgrohe cento higharc kitchen facuet comes up with solid construction and features that you would love to have in your kitchen. Spray head is one of the most sensitive things for any faucet and here it makes use of magnetic spray head docking which holds the sprayhead on the spout. This is not something quite unique but this faucet has got specially designed MagFit which does the job efficiently.

Another significant feature of this Hansgrohe faucet is that it has to offer sprayhead with 2 spray modes and this is really useful when you are washing different sort of things in a kitchen.Quick clean is yet another feature offered by Hansgrohe which is not commonly found in other faucets. This quick clean feature allows you to have everything cleaned instantly. Any sort of dirt and limestone deposit will be cleaned by using this feature which comes handy when things get messy.

Last but not the least but this could also be considered as one of the powerful features of this faucet and that is easy installation. You do not need heavy duty plumbing in order to get it fixed. The connections are made easy so that you face no difficulty installing it.

Not to forget its high arc design which gives you powerful water flow. It becomes essential to have powerful water flow for heavy duty washing. With all these features in mind you are now going to read about some of its pros and cons which you must understand prior to buying this product.


First and foremost, the advantage with this kitchen faucet is that it gives you that many features in less amount of money as compared to other faucets.

The solid brass construction does not only guarantee the reliability of the faucet. It also makes sure that it remains in good shape even with passage of time.

Another plus with this Hansgrohe kitchen faucet is that it has to offer steel optik finish. This is not the case with others and that alone may save your hundred bugs. It also includes 10in base plate which is again you will have to buy for any other Hansgrohe faucet.

On top of everything this faucet is equipped with quick clean feature which allows you to instantly clean all sorts of dirt gathered in the process. This is the feature you will not easily find out in many high-rated faucets too.


With all these pros you have jut gone through it does not even matter now if there is one or two disadvantages you get in response. Well this faucet does not have any flaw in design or quality of parts. Lack of true aeration is frequently reported problem with this design as far as customer feedback is concerned.


Quite clearly you will be enjoying this product by Hansgrohe as it has got quality, reliability and features you would love to see in your kitchen faucet.

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