11 Best Touchless Bathroom Faucet Reviews of 2023 

June 17, 2023

By  Liam Smith

Nowadays, life has become quite easy and we want everything to have sensors to understand our motions or even expressions.

So is the case with faucet in general and bathroom faucets to be more specific. The touchless bathroom faucets are not something new in the market but with the passage of time, sensors have improved a lot which has not only increased the response time but also enhanced water efficiency.

Temperature control is another feature which helps in providing you the control you want over the temperature of water with the ease. Right now we have gathered some of the best touchless bathroom faucets and described all their features.

You Should Install a Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Touchless Bathroom Faucet Reviews

1. Best Overall

Delta Faucet Lahara 538T-SS-DST

  • Available in 4 colors, and 3 styles
  • Spout height: 7.31″
  • Spout reach: 5.5″
  • 1 or 3-hole Installation

Delta Faucet manufacturer updates its Lahara bathroom faucet from Touch20 (touch it on, touch it off) to Touch20.xt (hands-free). It brings more convenience while brushing your teeth or shaving your beard. 

Why Is It Best Overall?

Delta Faucet Lahara is three in one. You can use its handle, Touch20 technology, or Touch2O.xt™ technology. The handle is a standard style that you can turn the faucet on and off manually via a lever-style handle. Touch20 technology allows touching your wrist anywhere on the faucet to run the flow of water, and it is perfect for washing your face. The third one is its upgraded technology, Touch2O.xt™, which makes this faucet touchless (hands-free). 

How Its Sensor Works

Touch2O.xt™ Technology senses your hand movement within 4” and automatically shuts off within seconds. Touch2O.xt™ (touchless) technology is ideal for messy hands. 

Water Temperature Control

The faucet allows controlling the water temperature manually via its handle as you do in a standard style faucet. The water temperature remains the same when you use TouchOn and Touchless technologies. 


You will get all necessary installation accessories in one box including a deck plate for 3 hole installation. The box includes the following accessories; six AA batteries, an escutcheon deck plate, two pex supply tubes (35- and 36-inch), and an easy-to-follow manual guide for installation and operation. 

2. Runner Up

ARRISEA Touchless Kitchen Faucet 

  • Temperature Adjustable & Saving Water
  • Spout height: 8.4″
  • Spout reach: 8.4″
  • Quick Easy Installation

If you are looking for a touchless bathroom faucet under $100 then be grateful to ARRISEA. The ARRISEA Touchless Kitchen Faucet is a blend of modern technology and elegant design. Its touchless operation ensures hygiene and convenience, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

The quality of the material and the sleek design make it a worthy investment for those looking to upgrade their kitchen fixtures.

Temperature Control: The ARRISEA Touchless Kitchen Faucet is designed with advanced temperature control features. This ensures that you get water at the desired temperature without any sudden fluctuations, providing a consistent and comfortable experience.

Installation Process: One of the standout features of this faucet is its ease of installation. The package comes with all the necessary hardware and a detailed instruction manual. Even if you’re not a DIY enthusiast, the installation process is straightforward and doesn’t require professional help.

Material: Made from high-quality stainless steel, the ARRISEA faucet promises durability and longevity. The material is resistant to rust, tarnish, and corrosion, ensuring that the faucet retains its shine and functionality over the years.

Smooth Water Flow: The faucet is engineered to provide a smooth and consistent water flow. Whether you’re filling a pot or simply washing your hands, the water flow is steady, reducing the chances of splashes and wastage.

Installation: As mentioned, the installation process is a breeze. The faucet is designed to fit seamlessly into most kitchen setups without the need for any major modifications. The touchless feature also means fewer smudges and fingerprints, keeping your kitchen looking clean and sophisticated.

3. Trendy Pick

Charmingwater Automatic Sensor Touchless

  • Temperature adjustable
  • Suitable deck thickness
  • Made of premium stainless steel
  • Sensor powered by 4pcs AA Batteries

This is one of the best touchless bathroom faucets, the Charming water automatic sensor touchless bathroom sink faucet with all features. Many people prefer to have motionless faucet and this is scientifically proven that you can avoid infections transferred from touch by having a touchless bathroom faucet.

Temperature Control Feature

It includes the feature of temperature adjusting according to the ambient temperature.


There is no need to worry about its installation as it has got a diagram which helps you in its easy installation process.


The durability is ensured by premium stainless steel with multi-layer chrome finish.

Powered By

As far as safety is concerned, it is powered by AA batteries which are safe enough to be used. It is one of the best commercial touchless bathroom faucets.

4. Best Budget-Friendly

BIEAR Motion-Activated Touchless Kitchen Faucet

  • Available in chrome finish only
  • 1 Lever Handle design
  • Brass construction
  • 1 hole Installation

The ambiance of the bathroom and comfort one can have there depends mostly on the type of faucet installed, and BIEAR touchless faucet guarantees this by having a motion sensor so that there’s no erroneous activation followed by no water loss. This ideal faucet is made of brass and has a high-quality chrome finish, with an addition of a premium valve made of ceramic that ensures you’d face no leakage problem.

Temperature maintenance has always been a problem during the bath, now this isn’t your problem anymore as this single-handled faucet enables you to set the temperature according to your choice in the possible easiest, and quickest way without any hassle. This touchless bathroom faucet has been designed in such a way it provides ease to the customer as the set of batteries required in it needs no replacement for up to 2 years, apart from its matchless power efficiency it has got a perfect flow rate of about 1.8 Gallon/minute.

In order to ensure the best customer service this bathroom sink faucet comes with an inflexible warranty that lasts not just a year but for a lifetime. This Asani manufacturer’s faucet is the epitome of perfection bringing style to your bathroom.

5. By German Brand

GROHE 36469000 Bau

  • Available in chrome color
  • GROHE EcoJoy system 
  • Sleek, modern design
  • 1 hole Installation

Grohe touchless bathroom faucet comes with an ideal sensor made of infrared that keeps the hygiene and safety of the user in consideration along with the easiest and non-hassle switching on and off the moment the sensor detects the motion of hands without touching the faucet. 

This durable faucet by a popular German faucet brand has faultless efficiency and prevents any kind of water loss. The features that make this faucet stands out the disinfecting quality and cleanliness with an automatic flush system installed that just makes the installation of this faucet the easiest and non-tangible procedure. 

For the complete comfort of the user a temperature maintenance lever is also included. This faucet uses minimum water keeping in view the budget and joy of the customers.

6. Best Black Pick

Greenspring Touchless Bathroom Faucet

  • Available in 4 colors
  • Automatic sensor touch-free use
  • Not fitting for 3″ countertop
  • 1 or 3 holes Installation

What could be a better idea, in times of Covid-19 than having a touchless bathroom faucet and that too in your favorite category? We are presenting you the black touchless bathroom faucet which has introduced by the brand Greenspring. This is relatively a newer brand and it has produced some of the finest of the bathroom faucets, lately.


You will be having a matte black touchless faucet with all sorts of features that you imagine in any state-of-art faucet. Type of the finish on this faucet is of bronze but it will give you the black color shade. Sensor employed in this faucet is quite responsive and purely based on automaton. You do not have to touch it all either you are trying to turn it on or off. It gets automatically turned off once you are done washing and out of its sensor range.


For installation, it is a surface mounted faucet and it comes with a cross handle type. There is one built-in hole in this faucet for installation purpose. This is such a fine quality faucet that it can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. You do not need any sort of battery power required for this faucet to run. By and large, this is one good option for touchless black bathroom faucet. 

7. Our Pick

Derpras Automatic Sensor Faucet

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Length: 6.5in(16.5cm)
  • Hole size: 0.78in/20mm-1.18in/30mm
  • Surface Mounted Installtion

When we talk about the bathroom faucets, we want the one which poses minimum or risk of cross-infection and this is one of the best touchless bathroom faucets manufactured by the Derpras as no physical touch is required to switch on/off which as a result protects the user from any kind of infection.

This faucet is finished flawlessly with chrome which ensures its smooth and shiny surface, it would be wrong not to mention the prevention from corrosion and all types of scratches it has due to this ideal finishing. This sleek and stylish bathroom faucet not only gives a new definition to your house style but also is perfect for restaurants and hospitals.

You don’t have to face any kind of fuss while installing this faucet as all essential tools required are in the package. In order to ensure the safety of the customers, this faucet has an easy temperature maintenance feature with an incorporated mixing valve in a control box which can be found below the sink.

The loyalty and support of the company for the customers depends on how much they care for their customer which is evident in this case by giving an offer of 30 days refund without any condition if the product is not up to your mark or you face any inconvenience.

8. Best Durability

Delta Faucet 590LF-LGHGMHDF

  • Touchless, hands-free operation
  • Designed to fit single-hole or 3-hole configurations
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Powered by 4 C batteries 

This is another lightweight and compatible motion sensor bathroom faucet, the Delta touchless faucet is all you need in your bathroom to reflect your readiness. There is no compromise on its quality as it is ADA compliant and you can have a blind trust for sure. Along with water efficiency, it also ensures you get a powerful boost of water supply. 

As a matter of fact, you will receive half a gallon of water in a minute. The dimensions and weight of this touchless bathroom faucet make it a good choice for newly decorated bathrooms. You need 4 x C batteries to power it, and with its metal construction, it is bound to give you reliable operation.

9. Best Brushed Nickel

Yodel Automatic Touchless Bathroom Faucet

  • Available in brushed nickel color
  • Spout reach: 4.25″
  • Spout height: 5″
  • Surface mounted Installation

A one-in-many bathroom faucets, this one is hands-on the best one made of brass and has a brushed nickel finishing which confirms the deal to give a sleek and classic touch to your bathroom. This faucet is manufactured from a material that ensures no cross-infection and a programmed freestanding sensor keeps you from all the fuss that one might face.

Its surface-mounted installation is easiest and can be done using the instructions given in the manual that comes with the package. You can now use the water of temperature you want to use as this faucet has got you covered giving you the option of both hot and cold water along with a valve for their mixing. A sensor powered by 4 pieces AA battery or 110V AC can be chosen according to the ease of the customer.

10. Best Waterfall

HHOOMMEE Sensor Faucet

  • Available in Nickle color
  • Spout Reach: 3.8″
  • Spout height: 5.5″
  • 1 hole Installation

This bathroom faucet has an ideal reach of the spout of about 3.8’ and is made of a material that ensures resistance to corrosion and any kind of scratches and ultimate nickel brushed finishing guarantees strength and longevity. It’s not very difficult to understand how this faucet operates as it comes with an infrared sensor which starts working and water flow as you bring your hand below it, and it stops once you move your hand away serving ideally to save water preventing any kind of loss.

Its installation is by a single hole with mounting equipment and a direction manual included in the package. This faucet working requires an alkaline battery which lasts for about 2 years but make sure to arrange the 4 AA batteries beforehand. The water temperature for the safety of users can be adjusted using a zinc handle. The plug of this bathroom faucet is deck mounted.  It would be unfair to not mention its classic gray color, which levels up the aesthetics of the bathroom.

11. Also Consider

Halo Sanitary Commercial Sensor Touchless

  • Available in 2 colors
  • Made of Chrome finished solid brass
  • Powered by 4pcs AA Batteries
  • Detailed Instructions With Diagram Included

If you really want to have a touchless bathroom faucet with plenty of other great features then you have come to the right place for sure. This is the automatic commercial sensor touchless bathroom faucet with hole cover deck plate. It has got totally automatic operation which not only saves your time but also keeps you germs free.

The manufacturing of this bathroom faucet is done with brass and on top of it, there is chrome finish which makes it go for longer period of time. Along with all these things you will also be able to benefit from its water efficient operation without losing the powerful water stream. By large this is truly one of the best options.

Touchless Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide

Touchless Bathroom Faucet Installation

Imagine yourself on a busy day reaching for your bathroom faucet with grimy hands. You rush in to wash the stubborn paint off of your hands, only to smear it all over your faucet as you hurry to get the water flowing…

With a touchless bathroom faucet, you can avoid many such troubling scenarios. So if you are thinking of installing a touchless bathroom faucet to make your life a tad bit easier and healthier, this guide will help you to make your best buying choice.


This brilliant technology works based on four primary features. These are faucet spout, valve, sensor, and power source.

Sensors emit infrared light, and function by picking up the infrared light reflected from your skin. This in turn gets the valve working which makes the water from the spout running.

As for power source, that can come from the batteries inserted into the faucet, or from an AC power source that the system is plugged into.  

Installation types

For a touchless bathroom faucet, the two most popular installation types are single hole and wall-mounted installation.

Single-Hole Faucets are great for small sinks, easy to install and use. If your sink has more than one hole, you can also go for a single-hole faucet with a base plate. This would help you seamlessly cover up all the additional holes.

Wall-Mounted Faucets produce a neat look and also help you clean up the countertop super easy as they don’t take up any space on it. It does require a pair of professional hands and a lot more work to set up for separate installation.


Touchless bathroom faucets come in numerous styles. These come in sharp planes of geometric and angular design styles that cut a neat, sleek, and modern image. And also in varieties with sloppy, goose-necked, and more ornamental designs that bring sheer elegance and old-school charm to the latest technology.

Pick the one that goes best with the overall design you’re looking for — modern and chic, or traditional and vintage.


The finish is a faucet’s packaging. A beautiful, new-age faucet with the right ‘finish’ will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your bathroom.

Faucet finishes have a strong overall impact on your bathroom’s overall interior design. So, remember to choose a finish based on the other elements of your bathroom, and the style that you’re aiming to achieve.


Black faucets are hugely in style these days.

To make a bold statement, you can go for a glossy black finish. But, if you want a more subdued and elegant look, you can play it safe and opt for a matte black finish. Matte black finishes also work great by easily blending in with the rest of the colors and contrasts of the backdrop.

The black color is also supremely versatile. You can pair up blacks with almost any sink color: whites for a classic look, cooler colors for a simple artistic touch, or brighter colors to add more life to your surroundings. 


Chrome is the most popular finish you’ll find in all the latest touchless faucet varieties. And for good reason!

The sophisticated luster and longevity of this finish match wonderfully with the muted, minimalistic, and chic modern look of a modern bathroom. This makes it a go-to choice of many urban and modern bathroom designers.


If you want the look of stainless steel finish for your faucet without actually going for a stainless steel finish, then brushed nickel finish is your answer.  

Particularly if you’re going for polished nickel, then your faucets are going to mimic the look of polished silverware. That is pristine, even vintage. This means that a polished nickel faucet would suit best in a traditional, old-school bathroom.

Brushed nickel finish is a lot more forgiving than a polished chrome finish. This is because it does not have the high reflectivity of polished chrome or nickel. Thus, it can hide imperfections, such as water sports, pretty well. 


Nothing speaks old school than brass finish. In the right setting, it would be perfectly ornamental. Polished brass or gold is deeply traditional, and used to be highly popular decades ago.

However, brushed brass varieties can go along with modern-day vintage styles, such as bright brushed brass or brushed gold varieties. If you aim to achieve an old school, traditional style than brass would be the right finish for your bathroom faucets.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been valued for its longevity. It is, by far, one of the sturdiest of all finishes.

A word of caution, if you want a stainless steel finish, then make sure that you get what you want. There are many varieties of faucets in the market of brushed nickel or brushed chrome that are marketed as stainless steel simply because the finish looks like a stainless steel finish.

For someone who’s casually going for the stainless steel look, that may not be a problem. But, if you’re going for the finish based on its sturdiness, say you’re going to establish the touchless faucet outdoors, then definitely check to see that you’re buying the true stainless steel finish.  

Touchless Faucets for Commercial Use

As a rule of thumb, renovating every faucet from traditional to touchless will leave a VIP-level impression on your clients. This is where touchless faucets come in useful. As well as providing spontaneity of action, handle-free faucets present a sense of peace and ease.

This most trending range of touchless bathroom faucets will appeal to anyone who welcomes new innovative technologies at an affordable price. The use of motion sensor faucets ensures that all our modern faucet brands such as Charmingwater, Luxice,  Greenspring, Zurn, Delta, Moen, and Kohler will stand the use of time, something you expect for your clients or employees.

Which Touchless Bathroom Faucet Is Right for You?

If you’re just starting your transition from a touch faucet to a touchless faucet, the Delta Faucet Lahara Automatic Touchless Bathroom Faucet would be a great option. Good-quality touchless faucets are a great value for money. However, they are quite expensive.

Delta Faucet Lahara Touchless Bathroom Faucet is a far more durable option than many touchless faucet varieties in the market. This fine contender comes with easy installation, the temperature dial that allows you to set your desired water temperature, and long life. Plus, the base plate helps cover up any additional sinkholes and give the faucet a chance to shine on its own with its beautiful chrome finish.

Not only are touchless bathroom faucets a lot easier to clean, but they also prevent cross-contamination. A great addition to your home, investing in a reliable touchless bathroom faucet will be an investment well worth the money.

Quick Tips for Touchless Bathroom Faucet

  1. The touchless bathroom faucet is a new invention that makes it possible to wash your hands without touching anything
  2. This device is perfect for people who are germaphobes or those with kids because they can’t get their hands dirty while washing
  3. Touchless faucets require a sensor and an electric pump, which means they’re more expensive than regular ones
  4. There are many different styles of this product available on the market today, including commercial models and residential versions
  5. When shopping for one of these products, make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer, so you know what quality to expect
  6. If you purchase one of these devices, be sure to install it correctly so that water doesn’t leak out onto the floor when not in use


With all these features explained clearly now you will have a clear idea what to buy when you go to the market next time. One thing is for sure all of these have to offer you the best touchless bathroom faucets without any second thought.

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