15 Best Kitchen Faucet Brands of 2021 – [American, German, and Italian Made]

The decision to choose which brand is most suitable for a kitchen faucet truly depends on multiple factors. You may have come across some high-quality kitchen faucets, but they are less in style, or the amount is enormous. There are top brands of kitchen faucets which we have also mentioned here one by one with their best models. You will mostly come across American, German, and Italian-based high-end kitchen faucets brands, and what if you have to choose the top three world brands of kitchen faucets.

The list must contain Kohler, Moen, Grohe, Kraus, Delta, etc., depending on your preferences. Whenever you assess any brand, you compare how much variety it has got and the quality of production with customer feedback and solutions. Here you will read about the 15 best kitchen faucet brands of 2021 with their best models, and it will undoubtedly help you decide where to go next time.

Top Rated Kitchen Faucet Brands

1. Moen (American Brand)

Without any second, this is the most reliable kitchen faucet brand in North America as far as faucets are concerned (specially kitchen faucets). The design of the Moen brand is credited with its state-of-the-art design and its unique features. It has been producing reliable and long-lasting faucetsMoen Arbor is one of the best-designed kitchen faucets ever made by Moen.

This arbor model has everything from high arc to double sensors and a spot-resistant finish with motion sensor technology. You will need 6 AA batteries to run its sensors. This model will surely give you the authentic flavor of Moen.

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor

Moen 5923SRS Align

Moen 7185ORB Brantford

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2. Delta (American Brand)

The innovation of single-handle faucets could be related to the founder of Delta faucets, who first envisioned single-handle faucets back in the initial 20th century. There is no doubt about the quality faucets produced by Delta as they have got everything from construction to the faucet’s finish. 

Delta Leland can be singled out as one of the best products by Delta, and it has got a high spout design that can handle good water flow. All metal construction of this faucet with multiple finishes will surely provide you the best services.

Delta Faucet Leland 9178-AR-DST

Delta Faucet Kate 16970-SSSD-DST

Delta Faucet 100LF-WF Classic

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3. Kohler (American Brand)

As far as touchless kitchen faucets are concerned, Kohler is way ahead of many of its competitors. It offers you faucets with durable finishes, and a magnetic docking system allows for steady operation. Kohler Malleco is one of its kind where you will get most of the features produced by Kohler. With touchless control and a vibrant stainless finish, this is going to respond in milliseconds.

The smooth spray head control is provided with this faucet. You will not have to worry about the installation process as most of the parts are pre-assembled as you open it up—a highly recommended brand for kitchen faucets all around the world.

KOHLER Simplice

Kohler Bellera

Kohler Sous

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4. Kraus (American Brand)

This brand is a unique one as it provides different designs in kitchen faucets. It has mainly to offer non-traditional sort of faucets which is not commonly available in other brands. The first and foremost important thing about Kraus kitchen faucets is that you will get them of good quality in less money.

Installation is another advantage that you are looking forward to in any of the kitchen faucets. Kraus guarantees an easy installation process so that you do not spend much on installation alone. With a reasonable budget, design, and reliability, this is a good choice indeed.

Kraus Bolden

Kraus Nolen

Kraus Sellette

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5. Grohe (German Brand)

This brand can be called a German-based brand as most of the employees are in Germany. It has to meet all the quality standards set by German authorities in the production of kitchen faucets. The sole aim of Grohe is to provide you with innovative technology in kitchen faucets. One of the outstanding products of Grohe is the Concetto kitchen faucet, where you will find out the dual spray pull-down with high-tech features. The powerful flow and great quality of the faucet will give you durable operation for sure.

GROHE Concetto

Grohe  Essence

Grohe Eurosmart

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6. Pfister (American Brand)

If you are fond of some innovative design in your kitchen faucets, then this is the brand you have to go for. Approximately there are hundred different models of kitchen faucets available by Pfister. On top of it, you will get variations in installation configuration.

It ranges between 1 to 4 hole installation configuration. From the manufacturing process to finishing, this has quality standards to follow, which provides you with reliable kitchen faucets. This brand has been there for a century, and in this tenure, it has gone through many technological changes. It is the brand you would love to bring to your kitchen.

Pfister F-529-7MRGS Miri

Pfister G13310SS Pfirst

Pfister LG529ESAC Stellen

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7. Hansgrohe (German Brand)

You should be careful as there is another German-based faucets brand which is similar to “Grohe.” This brand has been producing quality kitchen faucets with excellent customer feedback. The quality of the product by Hansgrohe brand is such that you can use it for years to come.

There is one thing that you should bear in mind that this brand is famous for maintaining traditional designs for their faucets. Not only these qualities, but this brand has some service quality that ensures solutions if you face them afterward.

Hansgrohe Cento

Hansgrohe Lacuna

Hansgrohe Talis M

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8. American Standard

Do you want to have a kitchen faucet that is not only reliable but also costs you less? This is where the American Standard has come into play. It has got good variation in design from traditional ones to newly designed faucets. One of the popular faucets by this brand is American Standard heritage. It has got ceramic disc valving which guarantees drip-free operation.

With a wall mount faucet, it has got long-lasting brass construction. The finish on this faucet is of high quality, which does not fade away with time.

American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony

American Standard 4279300.013 Delancey

American Standard 4803300.002 Studio S

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9. Danze (American Brand)

Without a shred of doubt, this brand has been one of the relatively few from the lot, which is equally focused on the design of the faucets alongside its utility as a primary source of the dishwasher. The designs herein Danze have brought up great ideas into reality. Not only do kitchen faucets from Danze look good from the outside, but they also offer some fantastic features with reliability.

You can find a whole range of kitchen faucets by Danze, and it goes from classical designs to more advanced modern faucets. A perfect choice for somebody who thinks kitchen faucet as a piece of decoration rather than just a necessity.

Danze D401157SS Opulence 

Danze Mid-Town

DANZE Vaughn 1H

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10. Waterstone (American Brand)

If you are a firm believer in quality over anything, then you have come to the right place. The Waterstone is an American brand, and it brings all sorts of quality checks that you could imagine in a kitchen faucet. Waterstone has been producing kitchen faucets since 1999, and since then, it has grabbed the attention of customers because of its great customer care and durable faucets.

One of the marvelous things about this company is that customers had forced them to produce kitchen faucets. Before this, Waterstone was more focused on providing water filtration system parts. Currently, it is one of the leading brands not only in states but all over the globe.

Waterstone Parche 

Waterstone Traditional

Waterstone Annapolis 

11. Kingston Brass

This is one of the best quality brands out there with all its greatness since 1998. Kingston Brass is producing some of the great kitchen faucets, but it also has a good market share in bath products. If you ask why Kingston brass stands out to its customers, the most obvious answer would be its highly responsive customer care services. Other than that, you will find some of the fantastic designs by this brand as it goes from vintage to gourmetier, etc. As far as the quality of its parts is concerned, there is nothing that can beat Kingston brass when it comes down to quality stuff.

Kingston Brass KS1271ALBS

Kingston Brass KS1273AXBS

Kingston Brass KS1246AX

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12. Rohl (Italian Brand)

Probably we could credit this brand that introduced pull out kitchen faucet to the USA and since then there is no going back. The company was established back in 1983 and it gets its name from the founder of the company “Rohl”. Rohl was more focused on producing the sophisticated kitchen faucets that could last longer than usual and for that the quality of the faucets had to be on top. They were successful in a short period but later on Rohl went on to develop some of the luxurious kitchen faucets with great precision. Rohl Country is one of the most purchasing kitchen faucets, you can read the full review here. This is a quality brand for customers who prefer quality stuff in their kitchen.

Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 Country

Rohl U.4719L-PN-2 Perrin and Rowe

Rohl A3608LMWSSTN-2 Column

13. Brizo (American Brand)

This might be a little surprise for many customers out there who think Brizo is one of the brands that have not got the market share as some of the leading ones. The truth is that Brizo has a quality status amongst its competitors and provides state-of-the-art designs in kitchen faucets. You could associate many qualities with Brizo, but the foremost one is its ability to bring that innovation in the designs of kitchen faucets. This is the stand-alone quality of this brand and if you are a lover of innovative designs, go for Brizo kitchen faucets.

Brizo Brilliance  Artesso

Brizo 63063LF-BLGL Litze

Brizo 63055LF-SS Vuelo

14. Vigo (American Brand)

Quite a few brands of kitchen faucets have got themselves where the Vigo is right now. This has all been possible because of the quality manufacturing and great customer care simultaneously over the period. You could find out not only some of the best designs in kitchen faucets by this brand, but the accessories to support that designs are also available. The kitchen faucets manufactured here are made under strict standards, and that is why customers love its durability with greater efficiency.

VIGO Edison

VIGO Brant

VIGO Bristol

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15. Elkay (American Brand)

A family-owned business, and to your surprise, it has been almost 100 years since its inception. The Elkay has been there for a hundred years, and it has maintained the quality and held customers over the period. Some of the best things about this American company are that it keeps on changing the design of the faucets and upgrades them as per the requirements.

The other commendable thing is that you could find out the plethora of models that have been made in its sophisticated production plants—a really nice but somewhat underrated brand for kitchen faucets.

Elkay LKAV4061LS

Elkay LKAV3031LS

Elkay LKHA4032LS

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