7 Best Faucet Water Filters – (Top Rated Reviews) 

March 27, 2023

By  Liam Smith

With the best-selling range and perfect stainless steel quality, these faucets will bring charm to your kitchen. These best faucet water filters provide easy installation and the best purifying system for water. The kitchen is the major part of the house and its cleanliness and healthy products provide a healthy and better life.

Water is the basic need of daily life and these water filters provide maximum filtering to your water for impurities free life. These faucet water filters have the best quality and beautiful designs that give your kitchen a lavish look. Now you can get a perfectly healthy life at suitable prices.

Faucet Water Filters Reviews

1. Best Overall

Brita 10060258356189 35618 Tap Water Filtration System

Brita 10060258356189 35618 Tap Water Filtration System

  • 1800 single-use water bottles per year
  • #1 brand of water filtration
  • Fully filtered, fresh-tasting water
  • This model does not fit pull-out or spray style faucets

Brita water filtration system can be easily installed on any standard faucet. It improves the quality of water and provides good taste water. The filtration system can filter more than 60 contaminants including lead, chlorine, and asbestos, etc. This filtration system has the quality of filter change reminder as it gives an indicator when the filter is not working anymore and needs to be changed.

Mostly, the filter needs to be changed every four months for better quality. It has the capacity of around 100 gallons of filtered tap water which can save up to 750 standard plastic water bottles. Also, Brita can match any modern kitchen décor and cannot fit pull out or spray style faucets. Items weight is 0.16 ounces and dimensions are 2.4 x 6.1 x 8.5 inches.

2. Runner Up

PUR PUR-0A1 Faucet Water Filter

PUR PUR-0A1 Faucet Water Filter

  • Up to 3 months of typical use
  • NSF and WQA certified
  • Reduce over 70 contaminants
  • 1 year limited warranty

Purpur faucet water filter is easy to attach and contains a Mineral Clear filter which filters water over natural minerals for a refreshing taste. It has a high-performance filtration system that can filter more than 70 contaminants including lead, mercury, and pesticides, etc. It can reduce more contaminants than any other brand. The installation of a filter is easy without any tool requirement.

This is compatible with most faucets except pull-out or hand-held faucets. Replacement with compatible filters does not guarantee the same water quality as genuine Pur faucets. It is the number one selling brand in faucet filtration. Pur has been developing new technologies for over 30 years. Item weight is 1 pound and dimensions are 7.74 x 3.2 x 7.7 inches.

3. Best Value

Waterdrop NSF Certified Water Faucet Filtration System

Waterdrop NSF Certified Water Faucet Filtration System

  • Filter provides 320 gallons of cleaner water
  • 2,000 water bottles (16.9 oz for each)
  • High quality ACF filtration material
  • Tested and certified by NSF

This water filter is certified by NSF and provides healthy lead-free water with reduced chlorine, taste, and odor. The filter is highly efficient with 0.5 GPM speed and a strong ACF barrier to impurities. The faucet has the quality of quick switching between filtered and unfiltered water. It has various adapters for easy installation without water leaks. With this filter, 2000 plastic water bottles can be saved.

Faucet aerator sizes include; 15/16” male threaded or 55/64” female threaded (Regular size) and 13/16” male threaded or 3/4” female threaded (Junior size). The temperature of faucet is 41-122°F / 5-50°C. With purchase, 3-pack replacement filters are available. Dimension are 7.4 x 7.1 x 2.9 inches and weight is 15.2 ounces.

4. Our Pick

DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filter

DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filter

  • High performance filtration
  • Improves the taste, odor and clarity
  • Easily attaches to standard kitchen faucets
  • Better tasting water

This filter provides a better taste of water and high filtration. The filter can reduce sediment, chlorine, cysts, linden, asbestos, mercury, and lead. It provides clear water with better taste and odor. The filter has built-in micro ban antimicrobial product protection which resists the growth of bacteria and molds etc. Such features enable an improved filter life. It can easily attach to standard kitchen faucets. The weight of the item is 12.2 ounces. The dimensions of the product are 2.62 x 5.75 x 5.5 inches.

5. Best Durability

Engdenton Faucet Water Filter

Engdenton Faucet Water Filter

  • High-quality food grade 304 stainless steel
  • 0.5 GPM filtered water
  • 8 cups (8.5oz/cup) of clean water per minute
  • 10 times filtration ability

Edenton faucet water filter has high-quality stainless steel housing which is cracking and leakage proof with long life and durability. Activated carbon fiber (ACF) filtration resists bacterial growth and removes dirt, sand, rust, and organics, etc (not for reducing TDS). It provides with 0.5 GPM flow of filtered water which helps in saving energy. Per-minute, 8 cups of clean water can be obtained. The product is only suitable for standard faucets.

The installation of the product is easy, simple, and quick with no extra tools required. The capacity of the item is 320 gallons (8.5oz/cup or 27 cups/day). Hence, it has a maximum life of around 6 months. It gives speedy water flow and instant thirst relief. In case of any query, technique support, or return, you can contact via email written on the packing box. The product 1.55 pounds in weight. The dimensions of the item are 5.7 x 4.8 x 2.5 inches.

6. Great Option

Instapure F5 COMPLETE Tap Water Filtration System

Instapure F5 COMPLETE Tap Water Filtration System

  • No tools necessary for installation
  • Chrome Base With Chrome Cap
  • Filter cartridge is included
  • Manufactured in China

Instapure tap water filtration system is used for kitchen faucet accessories and sinks strainers. The product has a chrome base with a chrome cap. It can easily be installed on all kitchen faucets without any tools. This design can be adjusted to any modern kitchen. Instapure filtration system is manufactured in china.

The filter provides a switch between filtered and unfiltered water which helps in prolonging the life of the filter. The filter is capable of decreasing the amount of chlorine, lead, and different microbial cysts, etc. The filtration system is certified by ANSI/NSF 42 and 53. The cartridge is also included in the package. The weight of the item is 11.2 ounces and dimensions are 3 x 6 x 7 inches.

7. Plastic Pick

XHYAIMS Water Faucet Filter

XHYAIMS Water Faucet Filter

  • Material: ABS
  • Easy to operate, safe
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Weight: about 40g

The material of the device includes stainless steel and ABS silica gel stainless steel sheet. For cleaning of the filter, simply remove the strainer and rinse it off under the water. The filter is highly temperature resistant. Pulse mode, shower pulse, and shower mode are three available models.

The faucet sprayer can be rotated 360 degrees which makes it easy for cleaning the blind angles of the sink. Champagne type of flow prevents splashback in the basin with increased wetting ability. The fan inside the sprayer acts as a buffer by reducing water pressure. The built-in dirt strainer captures dust particles. It can fit any standard tap. Weight is 2.39 ounces and dimensions are 2.17 x 0.94 x 3.35 inches.


These best faucet water filters can easily fit your kitchen and in addition to providing safe and healthy water, they give your health a wise choice. Get some knowledge of your demands and you will find these perfect for your healthy lifestyle at such a suitable price and quality.

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