7 Best Bridge Kitchen Faucets Reviews of 2023 

June 7, 2023

By  Liam Smith

Bridge style kitchen faucets are the well suited for shaker style kitchens.

Different styles are being employed for kitchen faucets and bridge faucet is one of the far more simplistic yet quality design. You will be able to enjoy the traditional kitchen faucet in bridge faucet along with some new features. There are different brands that are producing bridge-style kitchen faucets, Rohl and Kingston Brass are top 2 brands and they are no less compared to each other.

Still, you will see some of the features emphasized in one of the brands whereas others will be focused in entirely different aspect. Right now we are here to give you insight on the best bridge kitchen faucets. You will not only be able to know some features in detail but also get to know the fair comparison amongst high end kitchen faucets.

Best Overall: Pfister F-031-4COS Courant

Runner Up: Kingston Brass KS1271ALBS Heritage

High-End Pick: Rohl U.4719L-PN-2 Perrin and Rowe 

Bridge Kitchen Faucets Reviews

1. Best Overall

Pfister F-031-4COS Courant

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Two handle 8 inch spread
  • Spout swivels 360 degrees
  • 1.8 GPM Flow Rate

This high-height bridge-style kitchen faucet with side spray is replacing Kingston Brass Heritage (our runner up in the list) because of its overall quality and cheaper price tag. Pfister F-031-4COS Courant is similar in design but the spout reach is higher than the competitor’s faucet which is 9-3/32″. The installation takes about 30 minutes only.

It is best-suited for the farmhouse kitchen sink and the window behind it. This “bridge” style kitchen faucet is available in three following colors; stainless steel, rustic bronze, and polished chrome. You would choose the finish that matches your kitchen hardware or appliances.

If your fridge door is stainless steel then you should go for the “stainless steel” option. The rustic bronze option is good if your kitchen sink is copper or cabinetry brown. Polished chrome faucets look better in bathrooms. In short, stainless steel is our choice.

NOTE: Flexible supply lines NOT included, don’t forget to order with the unit.

2. Runner Up

Kingston Brass KS1271ALBS Heritage Kitchen Faucet

  •  Made from brass
  • Side Sprayer Feature
  • 360-degree swivel spout feature
  • Polished chrome finish

You may come across plenty of bridge faucets but this one is class apart, the Kingston Brass Heritage kitchen faucet with all its quality functions.

The construction of this faucet is purely made up of brass which gives it durability. The disc cartridge is yet another important part of any faucet and so is the case here with bridge kitchen faucet and it is manufactured with ceramic.

Water flow is up to the ASME standard that is 1.8 gallon per minute at maximum. With 4-hole counter mount installation this is also compliant with California energy commission.

3. High-End Pick

Rohl U.4719L-PN-2 Perrin and Rowe Bridge Style Kitchen Faucet

  • Brass construction
  • Metal lever handles
  • Hot and cold mix at the handspray
  • Flow rate: 1.5 GPM

This is another best quality Rohl kitchen faucet, the Rohl Perrin and Rowe bridge style kitchen faucet with side spray and polished nickel finish. The price of this one is a bit high but provided all the features it is somehow justified though.

The whole construction of the faucet is done by brass and it has also got a 1-inch cutout. There is a ceramic disc control cartridge in this faucet to make sure you get to use it for a longer period. With metal lever handles and hot/cold mix at the handspray, you would love this faucet. Last but not least, there is a patented diverter system available in this too.

4. Brushed Nickel Pick

Kingston Brass KS1278ALBS Heritage Kitchen Faucet

  • Available in 7 colors
  • Spout Height: 12.88″
  • Solid brass construction
  • Warranty: 10 years

Kingston has always been producing some of the quality bridge kitchen faucets and this is truly the one. The Kingston Brass KS1278ALBS Heritage kitchen faucet with brass sprayer.

The quality of this kitchen faucet is further ensured with brushed nickel and ceramic disk cartridge. Many customers love to have high spout reach of the faucet and this is going to provide you good enough spout reach.

The maximum power flow of 1.8 gallon per minute you will get from this which is according to the standards of ASME. Last but not the least it is also compliant with California energy commission title 20.

5. Editor’s Choice


  • 8 15/32″ reach swivel spout
  • 13 15/16″ high C-spout
  • Ceramic disc control cartridges
  • 4-holes required

For any bridge kitchen faucet there are some features which you surely would like to have and this ROHL A1461LMWSPN-2 kitchen faucet is going to fulfill all your requirements.

The ROHL Kitchen Faucet, polished nickel is all set to enhance your kitchen with a quality kitchen faucet. There is no compromise on the quality of disc cartridge and thankfully it has got ceramic disc control cartridges in it to ensure the quality.

Not only this but it is designed to have high C-spout so you can get water flow of 1.5 gallon per minute. For installation purpose you need to have 4-hole configuration.

6. Our Pick

Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 Rohl Country Kitchen

  • Spout height: 9-1/4-inch
  • Reach swivel: 8-55/64-Inch
  • Sidespray and 9 inch reach column spout
  • Flow rate: 2.5 gpm

As you know some of the best bridge kitchen faucets now but this model has got truly amazing features and real quality. The Rohl kitchen faucet with polished nickel and do not forget that it is one of the Amazon’s choice too.

The great thing about this faucet is that the valves are made up of ceramic which helps in sustaining it for a long time. With a swivel reach of over 8 inches and a spout height of around 9 inches, this is going to give you the best experience. This is a highly recommended bridge kitchen faucet from our side.

7. Other Great Pick

KOHLER K-7337-4-BS HiRise Stainless Deck Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

  • Available in 2 colors
  • Solid Stainless Steel construction 
  • Spout height: 10.75″
  • Spout reach: 11.44″

The Kohler BS HiRise Stainless Deck Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet and it aims to provide you comfortable handling and power water flow.

This kitchen faucet has got two handle deck mounted bridge. If you love to follow tradition then this is going to be the one for you. Not only all these great things but this Kohler Bridge kitchen faucet gives you complete line of configuration for primary, secondary applications.

The construction is done with solid stainless steel which guarantees durability. It is highly recommended from our side, a good addition in your kitchen.

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Bridge Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Best Bridge Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Not a single household in the US or anywhere around the world, which does not have a kitchen in it. If there is a kitchen then you must have a good quality kitchen faucet so that you do not waste your time too much on washing your dishes.

For the matter of fact, amongst some of the best kitchen faucets, Bridge kitchen faucet is not unique in design but it has got so many great advantages that it compels you easily to buy. Bridge faucets belong to the countertop wall sort of designs with two handles which specifically provides both hot and cold water supplies.

Here is the thing that with two water supplies, the flow and temperature of the water are maintained throughout. You need to understand before buying any of the bridge kitchen faucets that it can be compatible with different sink configurations such as under-mount, farmhouse kitchen sinks or top mount, etc. Other things that you must look at are installation configuration as it is quite different than the normal ones.

We have got some of the best brands for bridge kitchen faucets and the description that why they are unique.

Top Brands for Bridge Kitchen Faucets

There is no denying the fact that bridge kitchen faucet is one of the most delicate of the designs and that is the reason why it is being manufactured by top brands only. You are going to read in subsequent section about the brands that have been producing quality bridge kitchen faucets. We would dig into their features and see the differences if there are any amongst them. Keep reading.

Best Bridge Kitchen Faucets Reviews


It is without a doubt one of the leading brands and when it comes to the bridge kitchen faucets then it remains at the top. You would get to see some of the state-of-the-art bridge kitchen faucets by Rohl. This is because of the reason that Rohl has got the real experience in making this kind of faucets.

The manufacturing quality and the construction material by Rohl are important as they last longer than your imagination. There are some of the most bizarre bridge kitchen faucets by Rohl such as Acqui wall mount column spout and there is another one of the same models but with the side spray. All these models share one common thing and that is the quality of the parts and design by Rohl.

Kingston Brass

If there is ever going to be the fierce competitor to Rohl then it has to be the Kingston Brass. There are things that only Kingston brass does better than any other brand. First of all, you will get plenty of unique designs with some of the great finish of this brand. The most popular finishing material of Kingston is brass, bronze, etc.

One of the best services by Kingston Brass is its customer care services as their role does not end after selling their products. Not only this but on most of the bridge kitchen faucets by Kingston Brass, you will be provided with the lifetime warranty. The true identification of Kingston brass is its high spout bridge kitchen faucet with all the features that you find in other models.


Out of so many kitchen faucet brands, Kohler has always maintained its top place and so is the case here for bridge kitchen faucets. The first and foremost important thing about Kohler bridge kitchen faucets is that they are very competitive in terms of the price if compared with the market. The quality is up to the mark and they last for a longer period for sure. 

You will get to see a variety of kitchen faucets by Kohler and they come in all shapes and colors with different installation configurations. One thing is common that Kohler maintains the sleek design which is not only good for durability but also for the users. Some of its most famous bridge kitchen faucets are artifacts deck mount bridge kitchen faucet, two hole deck mount bridge kitchen sink faucet, etc. They are highly recommended and truly the best amongst all bridge kitchen faucets.


Some of the best kitchen faucets belong to Moen and this is because of the best manufacturing quality of this brand. As it is quite evident that bridge kitchen faucets are installed with a different configuration and that may have some complications for beginners. The good news for all of the Moen bridge kitchen faucets is that the installation part is made somehow easier as compared to the other brands.

In one of its bridge kitchen faucet, there is a duralock to make things easy for installation. When it comes to pricing, you are most likely not going to find out any better brand than Moen. Construction of the bridge faucets is of utmost importance and Moen has considered this thus using quality material so that you do not need to change your faucet too often. 

Quick Overview of a Bridge Kitchen Faucet

  1. The bridge kitchen faucet is the perfect addition to any modern home
  2. It has a sleek and clean design that will make your home feel even more luxurious
  3. With many different finishes to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your style
  4. Bridge kitchen faucets also come with an optional side sprayer for added convenience
  5. If you’re looking for something practical and affordable, this is it!
  6. Bridge kitchen faucets may be expensive, but they have all of the features of a high-end model


It must have been clear by now that high spout is required from these bridge kitchen faucets. One of the reasons being primarily to provide with powerful water flow which is somewhat supported by high spout design. Most of the things are common apart from difference in size or maybe material of construction.

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