10 Best Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet 

September 3, 2023

By  Liam Smith

An ideal faucet makes your kitchen an elegant , appealing, attractive, and good-looking place, making you feel confident while working in the kitchen. A durable faucet is one in which you can count while performing all of your necessary cleaning. In today’s modern world, having a good-featured faucet has become a new fashion.

Here is the list of the best oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucets. The old dark brown, oil-rubbed bronze finish on the faucets makes them having traditional classical looks and modern-day technological features. These superior quality faucets will make you want these faucets for all of your life. So replace your old faucets with the high design and innovative best Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets Reviews

1. Best Overall

Delta Faucet 9178-RB-DST Leland

  • Available in 4 colors
  • Spout height: 7.5″
  • Spout reach: 9.2″
  • 1 or 3 holes Installation

Delta Faucet 9178-RB-DST Leland is a Single Handle pull-down kitchen faucet has been fitted with a powerful magnetic Docking system which makes sure that the spray head remains at its place when not being used. The Delta shield technology provides a high flow and clean stream for all the messes saving your time from soaking, scrapping the dishes with hard stains.

The delta Diamond Seal technology ensures that there are no leak points in the faucet, it is simple and easy to install and a long time durability of the product. The touch clean hole mechanism allows the user to clean away the calcium and lime build up with just a single wipe. Delta Faucet 9178-RB-DST Leland has been provided with a limited lifelong warranty.

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2. Runner Up

Moen 7545ORB Camerist

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Spout height: 12″
  • Spout reach: 9.77″
  • 1 or 3 holes Installation

Moen 7545ORB Camerist Single-Handle kitchen faucet with pullout spout has been featured with a pause button enabling the user to accessibly use the faucet in two modes, to use in a simple flow stream mode or to be used in spray mode with a 68-inch braided hose. It has been installed with aerated stream flow with which every day simple cleaning can be performed.

The strong and tough rinse can be used for heavy duty cleaning and a light and a moderate cleaning spray system ensures easy and simple cleaning for vegetables. The dark brown oil rubbed bronze finish makes the faucet appealing and attractive.

3. Best Value

Delta Faucet Windemere

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Spout height: 11.63″
  • Spout reach: 8″
  • 4 holes Installation

Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle kitchen faucet with side sprayer is a modern-looking faucet which can be fitted a 4-hole and 8 inches at the installation place. This flexible faucet has the ability to swivel 360 degrees around your sink for cleaning up all the surrounding areas.

The great design provides a heavy-duty sprayer along with a retractable hose making cleaning easier. The full metal body weighs about 3.55 pounds and provides excellent strength and lifetime durability. The spout height is 11.63 inches and the spout reach is 8 inches. The Delta Faucet Windemere has been provided with a limited lifetime warranty.

4. Budget Friendly

WEWE Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Spout height: 8.5″
  • Spout reach: 8.5″
  • 1 or 3 holes Installation

WEWE deck-mounted kitchen faucet having a spot-resistant 7 layered oil rubbed bronze finishing is made temperature and pressure-resistant stainless steel which gives it strength, long life with easy maintenance. The sprayer with a protracted hose makes cleaning easy together with a 360-degree rotating spout and spray head making the usage of this faucet troubleless all in a single sink.

Triple mode sprayer setting gives a brand-new experience to customers in each mode from aerated to non-splash and strapping spray. This contemporary faucet gives your kitchen a rich look amid maximum reach and rates that too with DIY installation.

5. Best Design

Delta Faucet Addison

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Spout height: 15.38″
  • Spout reach: 10.34″
  • 1 or 3 holes Installation

Delta Faucet Addison is a smart-looking kitchen faucet provided with a smart usage system. With just a slight touch (with messy hands) one can operate this faucet effortlessly. The faucet has a water temperature adjustable controlling system with smart LED light telling about the temperature.

The smart magnetic docking provides the spray to be at its place when not in use so that the drooping effect does not become a problem with time. The diamond technology guarantees no leakages in the faucet and lasts twice as much as ordinary faucets. The powerful spraying system makes sure that the faucet cleans your dishes with less scrubbing and soaking time. The faucet can easily be installed having a 3-hole, 8 inches configuration.

6. Our Pick

Kohler K-780-2BZ Cruette

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Spout height: 10.19″
  • Spout reach: 7.88″
  • 1 or 3 holes Installation

Kohler K-780-2BZ Cruette Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is an excellent pull down kitchen faucet making it simple for the user to control the flaw and wash at the same time. The 3 function spray head ensures that the stream, sweep spray technologies, and the boosting system will provide the flow of stream up to 30% more than the ordinary used faucets.

The kohler oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet has a pre-installed hose and spray head making it easy to install just out of the box. It is provided with a supply box that includes lines for a versatile supply line for simpler water hook-up and a 1 or 3-hole installation plate. The magnetic docking provides the system with a safe and secure locking mechanism of the spray head into its place.

7. Best Durability

Delta 4353-RB-DST Linden

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Spout height: 8″
  • Spout reach: 9.9″
  • 1 or 3 holes Installation

Delta 4353-RB-DST Linden single handle pull-out kitchen faucet is a fascinating and functional faucet which has been equipped with a multi-flow spray wand mechanism making it comfortable for the user to switch from a fast flowing stream or water efficient spray. It weighs about 5.4 pounds with a high quality design and brass body.

The spout height is 8 inches and the spout reach is 9.9 inches. The diamond seal technology ensures that there are no leak points, is easy to install and confirms a long life on based of its durability. This delta oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet has been provided with a lifetime limited warranty.

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8. Best Pull Out


  • Available in 2 colors
  • Spout height: 8″
  • Spout reach: 9.3″
  • 1 hole Installation

KRAUS KPF-2230ORB pull-down Brass kitchen faucet with oil rubbed finishing encompasses a zero-lead content. Its design is such that it makes the flow control a non-hassle work, allowing whole access to sink thanks to the rotation of high-arched spout with a sprayer having fixed anchorage and foldable pipe.

The aerator ensures the simplest performance with an occasional flow to the faucet that incorporates a maximum rate of 1.8 GPM and water utilization of 2.2 GPM. The one lever-type brass handle makes the usage of this single-holed faucet easy. The nine inches spout of this faucet features a reach of 9.3’’for an ideal cleaning.

9. Bridge-Style

Kingston Brass KS1275TALBS Tudor

  • Available in 4 colors
  • Spout height: 13″
  • Spout reach: 8-3/4″
  • 4 hole Installation

Kingston Brass KS1275TALBS Tudor kitchen faucet is made of brass and has an unblemished oil-rubbed bronze finishing with a is dual-handle top-quality construction. Its ceramic cartridge certifies a lifetime of zero leakage. The bridge design of this faucet gives the kitchen a beautiful look.

This deck-mounted faucet with the identical plug profile encompasses a spout reach of 13 inches and a flow rate and water usage of about 1.8 Gallons per minute following ASME standards that’s at a pressure of 80 psi. These four holed conventional faucets are under compliance with title number 20 of the Energy Commission of California.

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10. Other Great Pick

Moen 7185ORB Brantford

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Spout height: 15.5″
  • Spout reach: 7.88″
  • 1 or 3 holes Installation

Moen 7185ORB Brantford One-Handle is a high arc pull-down kitchen faucet made with high standards technology with spot and finger print resistant finish making your faucet look tidy and clean even after uses. This moen oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet has been featured with Duralock quick connect system which ensures that the faucet is easy to install at your desired place.

The Moen 7185ORB Brantford has been equipped with the modern and new reflex system for easy, smooth and helpful operations. The faucet has double sensor technology making the user to use the faucet without even touching it. The power boost spray technology helps in delivering a powerful spray then the ordinary faucets.


To sum it up these best oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucets would bring joy to your kitchen. These magnificent faucets work very fine, consistently and allow the user to operate them with great easiness and comfort along with classical and attractive design and features. So enjoy cleaning up your dishes with these best bronze oil-rubbed kitchen faucets.

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