5 Best Moen Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Reviews of 2023 

September 22, 2023

By  Liam Smith

Out of many kitchen faucets out there, the pull out kitchen faucets stand out amongst all of them because of number of reasons. Likewise, out of so many brands of kitchen faucets the Moen kitchen faucets have their own credibility amongst consumers. The pullout kitchen faucets are regarded for their easy operation and installation. It gives you the capability of fingertips operation which most of the people want to look in kitchen faucet.

Moen pull out kitchen faucets have to offer some of the best quality faucets with spot resistant manufacturing and power boosting water stream. The installation process for these pull out faucets are made easy by introducing duralock technology which will be discussed in detail shortly. Here we have gathered some of the best Moen pull out kitchen faucets. With all features explicitly explained you will be able to choose one of them wisely for your kitchen.

Moen Pull Out Kitchen Faucet 2021 Reviews

1. Best Overall

Moen 87039SRS Medina One-Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet

Moen 87039SRS Medina

  • Spout height: 8.4"
  • Spout reach: 8.26"
  • 1.5 GPM flow rate
  • Features Duralock quick connect system

Are you a sort of person who prefers to do things with ease rather than adding complexity. If answer is in yes then this kitchen faucet by Moen is going to be your next favorite. The Moen Medina One-handle pullout kitchen faucet is all you need to have quick operation in your kitchen. The manufacturing of this kitchen faucet is done by quality material with spot resistant stainless finish against fingerprints or water spots.

This is yet another great design by Moen as it gives you finger tip operation capability. The installation is made easy by adding duralock quick connect system. Moen’s kitchen faucets in general and specifically this pullout kitchen faucet will give you the adjustable water stream. On maximum high it gives you the power boost water stream which can handle all sorts of washing. This is really a good choice with simple design.

2. Runner Up

Moen 7585SRS Method One-Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7585SRS Method

  • Power Clean spray technology
  • Spout height: 9.04"
  • Spout reach: 10.2"
  • 1 or 3 holes installation

The Moen Method one-handle pullout kitchen faucet offers everything from design to ease of operation. Available in different colors this pullout kitchen faucet is ADA compliant. The quality is state-of-the art with stainless finish to make it spot resistant. You will not have to worry about fingerprints or water spots on this kitchen faucet.

The power clean technology is another great advantage of pullout kitchen faucets produced by Moen. It gives 50 percent more power spray. In order to make this kitchen faucet user friendly and flexible it comes up with retractable capability. Installation is what takes most of the energy and time you fix new kitchen faucet but that is not the problem for Moen’s kitchen faucets. Duralock quick connect system provides easy installation process for this faucet. The limited lifetime warranty by Moen gives you satisfaction in terms of durability.

3. High End

Moen 7295SRS Brantford One-Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7295SRS Brantford 

  • Power Clean spray technology
  • Spout height: 12.94"
  • Spout reach: 9.97"
  • 1 or 3 holes installation

As far as pullout kitchen faucets are concerned this product by Moen stands out again with some great features. The Moen Brnatford one-handle pullout kitchen faucet has got simplest of design with all sorts of features you would like to have in a pullout kitchen faucet. To start with, this is totally spot resistant which is courtesy to its stainless steel finish that guarantees you against fingerprints or water spots. In order to have smooth operation this pullout kitchen faucet is made retractable.

It does not only give you the easy movement of operation but also a stable and secure dock spray head. Not all kitchen faucets come up with power clean technology but this product by Moen gives you more powerful spray with power clean technology. It is quite easy to install with duralock quick connect system and not to forget it gives you the flexibility of 1 or 3 holes escutcheon included in it. You have Moen’s limited lifetime warranty along with ADA compliance.

4. New Design

Moen CA87316SRS Pullout Spray Faucet

Moen CA87316SRS Pullout

  • Duralock quick connect system
  • Spout height: 5.56"
  • Spout reach: 9.63"
  • Aerated stream for everyday cleaning

This is another one of the best pullout kitchen faucets by Moen, the “Moen Pullout spray faucet from Renzo collection”. Out of so many good things of pullout kitchen faucets, its capability of easy fingertips operation makes a good choice for people not loving complexity in designs.

There is no need to worry about spots as it is totally made up of spot resistant stainless finish. Another thing which is a major advantage in pullout kitchen faucet is the ease of installation process. With duralock quick connect system it gives the easy installation which could be quite time consuming in other cases. You can easily adjust the water flow as it is good for both heavy duty or small cleanings.

5. Other Great Pick

Moen 7294SRS Arbor One-Handle Pullout Kitchen

Moen 7294SRS Arbor

  • Duralock Quick Connect System
  • 1.5 GPM Flow Rate
  • Moen Reflex Pulldown System
  • 1 or 3 holes installation

This is truly the best product by MOEN, the “Moen Arbor one-handle pullout kitchen or laundry faucet” with all the features you have been looking for in a kitchen faucet. First of all it is available in multiple colors so you have to be aware of this. The quality of this pullout kitchen faucet is out of this world as it has got spot resistant stainless body. You will not have your fingerprints or water spots on it.

There is power clean technology employed in this kitchen faucet. The benefit of power clean spray technology is that it provides you with almost half of the extra power (which is not the case with many pullout kitchen faucets). The installation is made quite easy as it is 1 or 3 holes flexible design and not worry as optional deck plate included with this. It is retractable which again adds to the comfort of the user. Good thing about these pull out kitchen faucets by Moen is that most of them offer limited lifetime warranty by Moen.


These are truly the best Moen pull out kitchen faucets, Moen has to produce. Great thing about these kitchen faucets is that most of them have Moen lifetime warranty with them. It becomes quite easy to opt any of these as the quality remains same just few features are changed in every other product of Moen.

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