5 Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets Reviews of 2021 – (Comparison and Buying Guide)

March 21, 2021

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets Reviews

Touchless kitchen faucets have always been something really fascinating and due to the mass production of technological items we finally afford them. There are definite advantages associated with these touchless kitchen faucets which we do no get in traditional ones. First and foremost advantage is of course free of hands operation where you can be fully focused on your work rather than thinking about turning on or off the faucet.

Currently, there are so many companies competing each other in production of the best touchless kitchen faucets with better sensors or magnetic docking to keep it intact. Right now, you are going to read some of the best touchless kitchen faucets with their features explained in detail.

Kohler touchless kitchen faucets and Moen touchless kitchen faucets have got a certain lead in producing quality faucets and the customer feedback is overwhelming. Give it a read, it will definitely give you concrete touchless kitchen faucet reviews on how to choose your next faucet wisely.

Best Overall - Moen 7594ESRS Arbor
Runner Up - Delta Faucet Leland
Budget-Friendly - Pfister LG529ESAS Stellen

Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews

1. Best Overall

Moen Arbor 7594ESRS - Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review
  • Available in 5 colors, 4 styles
  • Spout Height: 15.5"
  • Spout Reach: 7.87"
  • Power Clean spray technology

If you are a huge fan of a pull down kitchen faucet then Moen Arbor is surely going to fascinate you. A touchless one handle pull down kitchen faucet with power clean feature, you are going to have an experience worth having.

Here in this review, we have got some great points about the faucet and that will help you out comparing with other products by different brands.

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Features

This amazing product by Moen has become Amazon’s choice for some reason and it could be the state-of-the-art features with innovative design and reliability for a longer period. There are different styles available in this Moen Arbor kitchen faucet and you could find with 1 sensor, 2 sensors, voice control, and standard one too.

As far as the outer surface of the faucet is concerned, it resists against the fingerprints and the water spots which ensures its original look as time passes. We have broken down all of its amazing features and hope that will clarify the concept behind this faucet by Moen.


For any faucet, it is important to have an efficient yet powerful spray system. Moen has managed to bring its power clean technology in here to make sure that you get 50 percent more spray power. If you compare this power spray with some of the other Moen faucets or with the other brands, you will be amazed to see that how this faucet gives you the edge by using this power clean technology.

Another great technology that has been used in this faucet is the sensors. With its two sensors. You will be able to operate this faucet with your motions as it has been made hands free faucet. This motion sensor is quite efficient as you just need to do a little gesture of your hand to get the job done.

Color, Finish and Material

As far as the color of the faucet is concerned, it comes up with four different shades and it includes the spot resistant stainless and also the matte black, etc. Its spot resistant nickel finish makes sure that the faucet does not get the fingerprints or the water spots and that is why it remains as just out of the box every time. The material used in the making of the faucet is metal and Moen has made sure that it brings about the most innovative features with its metal core and it successfully did. It is quite reliable and durable too.


The design of the faucet is made in such a way to make it more flexible and that is the reason why it can be installed with 1 or 3 holes configuration. Not to forget that Escutcheon is included in the package as well.

Reflex System

This Moen faucet is a retractable one and this has been possible because of its reflex system for making sure you get the smooth function. Movement of the faucet is not made easy with this but also docking of the spray head which becomes more secure. The connection size of this is about 3/8 inches.


  • Handsfree Operation: This is one of the best features of this faucet as it ensures that you do not get to use your hands while doing dishes. The efficiency of the sensors is of high quality and that is why it has been successful so far in this model.
  • High Arc: Many people might think that high arc faucet could be a problem but it is not the case here. Based on customer feedback, it has been observed that by having high arc you can put utensils quite easily under the faucet in a far greater number.
  • Durability: Manufacturing of this faucet is done with metal and that is the reason why it tends to give you far more reliability and a longer period of operation.
  • Water Flow: Due to the latest technology used in the faucet, you will see that the flow rate of the water is good enough and you can do heavy-duty washing as well.


  • Clogged Filter: This may be the problem that some of the customers have experienced so if you experience anything like that contact the customer care urgently.
Why Should You Choose Moen?

Moen has one of the best customer care services with quick response and comparatively, it beats any other brand in terms of pricing as well. Therefore, you should buy if you love the most innovative design in the kitchen faucet.

2. Runner Up

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Touch2O and ShieldSpray Technology
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Spout height: 7.5"
  • Spout reach: 9.2"
  • MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful magnet

The Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle touch kitchen sink faucet with pull down sprayer and some of the great technology in place, is truly going to amaze you. It comes up with both manual and sensor technology and let alone this feature makes it quite attractive for customers.

Here in this review, you are going to read every bit of information that you are going to need while purchasing this great piece produced by Delta Faucets. Keep reading.

Delta Leland Features

This kitchen faucet by Delta faucet is one of the sophisticated kitchen faucets currently in the market and it has also been Amazon’s Choice. The biggest problem with conventional sorts of faucets is that you have to touch them while your hands are all messed up. This is no more an issue here in this kitchen faucet as it has equipped with a touch on a touch of the spray and great thing is that you could touch it anywhere from your forearm or wrist to turn it on.

Other features include magnetic docking which helps in keeping the faucet intact even after a long time. Without this magnetic docking, your sprayer could go off track and create some serious problems. Here is the breakdown of some of its great features which you must know before buying the faucet.


Delta faucet has always come up with some state-of-the-art technology and so is the case here in this perfectly designed faucet. Firstly, it has got the best sensor for not only turning it on/off but it can also keep on check the water temperature and show it through an LED display for your convenience. Apart from this, you can also use its pull-down lever if you want to go manual with this.

This faucet makes use of patented diamond seal technology which ensures that it does not leak over the period and also makes sure that durability is twice the standard set. The last thing you need in your kitchen faucet is the powerful spray which could reduce your washing time. Good thing is that this faucet employs powerful spray technology which is guarded with ShieldSpray technology. With all these technological dependences this kitchen faucet could be declared as one of the most sophisticated faucets.

Color, Finish and Material

This is yet another sensitive area of any kitchen faucet and you will be amazed to see that Delta Faucet Leland is also beating up its competitors here. Color of this faucet is arctic stainless which is quite rare in kitchen faucets and that is the reason why it increases its elegance pretty much.

Interestingly, the kitchen faucet has also got the same finish of arctic stainless and this helps in preventing it from getting old or gathering contamination from the environment. A spray of this faucet has got shield spray technology which makes sure that you get the most powerful spray and cuts down your time spending in the kitchen.


There is a support of both single and 3 holes, an 8-inch configuration for this faucet. The installation process has been made quite easy and you will be able to do it without having had the experience. To go for 3 holes configuration, all you need is a deck plate and things will be done nicely.

Two Function Spray

Not to forget that you will be enjoying two sensors facilities with this kitchen faucet. One sensor will ensure that you get the best touch on/off response without further messing up the faucet with your bad hands. The other sensor keeps check on water temperature by TempSense and makes sure that you get the reading through changing color LED display. Both these functions will help in making your life a lot easier for sure.


  • High-quality sensors with quick response and their performance do not deteriorate over the years.
  • A five-year warranty is all you need from a company and it has got some great customer care service too.
  • Efficient water control with both manual and sensor in use. You could add powerful spray into this category as well which gives you results in less time.
  • The design of the faucet is much simpler but it accommodates every unique feature into it which is a great achievement for sure.


  • Customers seem to be feeling a bit awkward about its plastic connection pipes as they are used to of conventional pipes which are going obsolete nowadays.
Why Should You Choose Delta Brand?

The greatest advantage of buying this faucet is that you save your bucks while not compromising on overall quality. If you compare it with other brands you will see much higher prices.

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3. Best Value

Pfister LG529ESAS Stellen Touchless Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Spout height: 8.44"
  • Spout reach: 9"
  • 3 Function pull-down sprayer

One of the best Pfister faucets as we speak, the Pfister Stellen touchless pull-down kitchen faucet with react electronic motion sensor and many more qualities. This faucet is compatible with ADA or ANSI standards and this is yet another reason for its success.

Another significant thing about this faucet is that it has got a CEC water efficiency certificate with it and not only this but compatible with NSF too. The NSF ensures that there is no lead contamination in the process of this faucet. Here, you are going to read some of the features of this faucet with its pros and cons. Hoping it will help in the buying process.

Pfister Stellen Features

Pfister has always maintained not only the quality of the faucets but also makes sure that state-of-the-art features to be included. You will see that this model by Pfister includes some of the latest technology available with its amazing color and finish combination. The material of the faucet is also mentioned here which makes it highly durable.


Due to the employment of a motion sensor, you will be able to operate this faucet within 3 inches and that is why it enables hands-free operation. Not only this but faucet gets stopped after 3 minutes if it is not in use. A good thing about this faucet is that it allows it to be used in a manual mode if you leave handle pushed or you could also make use of manual override switch.

There is an open valve system as well which makes use of visual indicator and it is activated when you are in the touchless mode above the deck temperature control. You get to purchase the battery pack which is not included in the overall package. The battery is good enough for 2 years.

Color, Finish and Material

The color available in this faucet is of stainless steel and that is one of the reasons why it looks evergreen even after years of use. To make sure that the faucet does not get contaminated, it has got nickel finish which keeps it protected against any sort of bad foreign agent. The material used in the making of the faucet is metal and that is the reason why it guarantees reliability with higher durability too.


As far as the configuration of the faucet is concerned, it is 1 or 3 holes compatible but you must bear in your mind that supply lines not included. Another additional option is that the deck plate with foam gasket may be included as well.

Three Function Sprayer

This is one of the advantages of this kitchen faucet is that it comes with three functions pull down sprayer i.e. spray, stream, and pause. You do not need to keep the button pressed if you want to stay on a particular mode of operation (exception is there for pause mode though). It has got a forward handle that is only compatible with close backsplashes and not to forget the 360-degree swivel.


  • One of the best things about this faucet is that it comes up with a high arc design and that is the reason why the coverage area is huge enough to accommodate a large number of dishes.
  • Price of this Pfister faucet is yet another significant thing as if it is compared with other handsfree faucets, you will see a great difference in a price as it is quite reasonable.
  • The quality structure of the faucet is made sure with the use of metal as a core material and that guarantees you the durability of the faucet too. Not only that the faucet remains as new for a long period but it also keeps functioning like out of box faucet.


  • The only thing that may be concerning for some customers is that the sensor could get you in trouble. The reason for this problem associates with the fact that many people have been using manual faucets and they are not used to sensor settings. Before the use, you must make sure that you know how to use the handsfree faucet properly.
Why Should You Choose Pfister?

Firstly, Pfister has a great many reasons to be bought, such as it provides the best customer care services and you will get your response quickly. The other crucial thing is that it makes sure, you get the best design in faucets with reliability so you do not get to spend more budget on faucets in the near future again.

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4. Our Pick

badiJum Touchless Kitchen Faucet Two-Sensor One-Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Dual-mode Sensor
  • 3-Function spray head
  • Fast Clean Technology

This faucet brings you some of the best features currently available in the market. It is a touchless kitchen faucet with two sensors and one handle high arc design. This kitchen faucet by BadiJum has employed a dual-function pull-down spray head which gives you some extra coverage.

There are other definite advantages with this faucet that it has to provide you an easy way out of installation. Here, you are going to read about some of its amazing features with pros and cons so that you would be in a better position to make your decision.

badiJum Features

If you are really into an automatic kitchen faucet with some great response time then this is surely made for you. It has made use of state-of-the-art technology which is good not only for family usage but also for commercial.

You will be briefed about the technology used in this with some of its uses and what it takes to make such a reliable faucet. Keep reading.


You must be interested in the mechanism of how its sensors work. Firstly, this faucet has got two sensors in different locations to make sure that you get the best services. You will need to be at 2.5 inches closer to the faucet to activate its sensors. The response time of these sensors is quite low so that you do not have to wait for it to get activated.

Another great use of technology in this faucet that you will see in its pull-down sensor. Hand sprayer will get activated once you detach it from the faucet. It does not only increase the coverage of the faucet but also helps you to enhance washing efficiency. Not to forget that sensor turns it off if you somehow forget to put it back into the hose after 3 minutes.

Color, Finish and Material

You would love this kitchen faucet as a whole due to its color and a perfect finish. To ensure that you always get the new look out of it, it has got brushed nickel PVD with brushed nickel finish.

To prevent it from the effects of dust and other environmental debris, its finish helps in protecting it from all sorts of contamination. As far as the material of the faucet is concerned, it is made up of Zinc alloy and it provides you some of the best quality out there in the kitchen faucet market. Not only that the zinc alloy gives it reliability but it also makes sure that you do not see it getting weakened internally over the period.


Probably one of the best things about this faucet is that it has got all sorts of certifications required to give you the best installation services. These certifications include cUPC, NSF, AB1953 certification. The process of installation is quite simple and it is said that a beginner could install this faucet out of the box. The whole design of this kitchen faucet is based on the idea of saving your kitchen space and so is the case here too.

It comes with an intelligent integrated control box which is comparatively small in size and with the wall-mounted design, you are further going to save some extra space too. These are the reasons why you should not be afraid of the installation process of this faucet because it has one of the simplest of the installation processes and with some good space-saving design.

Family Use and Commercial

Because of employing two sensors, this kitchen faucet is a perfect example of touchless and touch on the kitchen faucet, in a single package. This kitchen faucet is one of the quite few faucets that have great features for both home setting and commercial use. You need convenience in your home kitchen and reliability in commercial use, and both are guaranteed by this faucet. That is the reason why it has been successful so far in finding its utility in both sorts of applications.


  • Easy installation (takes around 20 odd minutes)
  • Multiple features such as hose feature, pause button, spray/stream.
  • Dual sensor with low response time
  • Durable due to its perfect finish and material


  • The built-in connection hose of this faucet is short and you need to see your water connection before buying as you might need to buy some extended hose.
Why Should You Choose badiJum?

badiJum brand has got positive customer feedback and most of them praise its quality features with some durability. You will invest your money once in time to get the best experience of your life in your kitchen.

5. Great Pick

Kohler Malleco Touchless Pull-down Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser
  • Magnetic Docking Sprayhead
  • MasterClean sprayface features flexible nozzles
  • Premium metal construction 
  • Vibrant Stainless Finish

This is the Kohler Malleco touchless pull-down kitchen faucet with soap dispenser. The most satisfying thing you will find in this faucet is that there is the latest technology in use. Which smoothens the overall functionality of the faucet and also enhances its lifetime.

It has got one of the most simplistic of the designs and yet manages to give you all the comforts. Here, you are going to read some of the features used in the faucet with some detailed overview. This review will surely help you out in taking a good decision. Keep reading.

Kohler Malleco Features

Kohler has always come up with some of the best features in the market and they have maintained this tradition here in this model too. You are going to read some of the state-of-the-art technologies used with all its description.


This Kohler Malleco touchless pull-down kitchen faucet with soap dispenser has touchless control and reliability of the controller has been ensured as well. The response time of the faucets is set for milliseconds and you can just turn it on with a simple wave of your hand or any utensil. The docking system is yet another major and crucial part for any kind of faucet and so is the case here. To make sure that you get the stable spray head over the years, the DockNetik docking system locks the spray head in place.

With a touchless feature in this faucet, you must be thinking about the overflow situation that may occur. Designers have well thought this before and that is why there is an automatic four minutes shut off to make sure there is no flooding. With the introduction of ProMotion technology, you will get the best spray head control and it has got the kink-resistant hose which goes beyond the sink. Not only is that but there master clean spray face flexible nozzle that gives you easy to clean features.

Color, Finish and Material

You will find some of the best colors in Kohler’s products and this one has got the vibrant stainless finish. This color not only looks good in the overall setting of the kitchen but also makes sure that it does not fade away with time.

The finish of the faucet is done with vibrant stainless and it provides a good cover against any sort of contamination. For reliability of this product, it has been constructed with the metal and that has been the reason why it is manufactured to give you better durability.


This is a standard practice that installation is made easy for the customers by top brands and that is the reason why you will see that same is the case here. You can install this faucet with 1, 2,3, or 4 hole configuration for this Kohler faucet and it will not take that much time as the process has been made quite easy even for the beginners.


  • It offers the best water spray and not to forget there is a fan spray too.
  • The design of this faucet is such that it gives you not only the easy operation but also makes sure that you get to clean it with less time.
  • Installation part for any faucet can become quite a task but this has been the tradition of Kohler which is also provided in this product that you will be at ease installing this one.
  • Due to its touchless operation, you will be able to enjoy it as most of the time we have got messy hands, and touching the faucet brings the bad feeling which is not the case here.


  • If you want to avoid the battery replacement over time then you must buy an adapter to power it up and get rid of this thing to ruin your joy.
  • The placement of the motion sensor has been criticized by a few customers as they find it a bit odd but this of course does not affect the overall performance of the faucet.
Why Should You Choose Kohler?

For you know that if there is any single out brand out there that could claim itself to be the real king of producing kitchen faucets then it has to be Kohler. You cannot get better than the standards set by Kohler products. Therefore, it is highly recommended by most of the experts.

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Touchless Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Touchless Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Without any second thought, it is still a tough ask to select the best touchless kitchen faucet. It is because of number of reasons as there are multiple high quality brands out there and within these brands you will get entirely different sort of models and features. What to do in such situation? The answer is simple you have to know the basics of some of the fundamental features prior to buying. Here you are going to read a little detail about features that are commonly shared in all of the brands or different models.

- Sensor

The accuracy of sensor plays an important role and this is probably the central idea on which the whole concept of touchless kitchen faucet is built. First of all you need to look at how quickly a sensor responds to you. You can have the response time of sensor easily on its features as good brands with accurate sensors advertise it as a selling point. The time it takes to stop giving you water supply is yet another significant feature which you must look into before paying huge amount of money.

- Finish

The first and foremost thing in any kitchen faucet is how it looks or how it would look by passage of time. For quality touchless faucets you will have a spot resistant finish which ensures there is no water spots or finger prints on the outer layer of your faucet. There are different materials used to give these faucets a better looking finish. Bronze, chromium etc. are used to make them resistant against any sort of damages over the time. If you are buying your faucet to make your kitchen look good then you must look into what sort of finish it comes up with.

- Power

Well if you have a sensor to operate then you must power it up in order to run it. Most of the sensors have AA batteries placed in these kitchen faucets when you buy them. Now the most important aspect of having batteries in your faucet is that they are going to die and need a frequent change. Advice from here is that you must look for a faucet where you need to change the batteries not too often. For the matter of fact, there is nothing worrisome about changing the batteries as the process is quite simple yet everybody likes to run batteries for longer.

- Docking

The most famous and significant method of keeping your faucet head intact is through magnetic docking. The purpose of magnetic docking is to give you the perfect balance of spray head and in most of the designs this method is employed successfully. It is always good to have magnetic docking in your kitchen faucet and you must look at this feature before buying.

What to Look for When Buying a Touchless Kitchen Faucet

What to Look for When Buying a Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Most of the touchless kitchen faucets have many features in common and it becomes quite difficult to make a decision at times. Well there are no set of rules to know what to buy but surely you should be well aware of your requirements from newly motion sensor faucet.

- If you have to do heavy duty cleaning then you must go for a faucet with large spout. The reason behind large spout size is that it directly affects the power flow. It is no brainer to know the relation between large spout size and the heavy duty cleaning as with better water flow you will get easy cleaning.

- Are you a person who has an obsession for clean things? If answer is in yes then you should buy touchless kitchen faucet. The reason being in its handsfree operation where you will not put dirt of your hand to the faucet.

- First hurdle after buying any touchless faucet is its installation. It is advised to see what sort of sink hole configuration is supported for that particular faucet. It becomes very inconvenient at times to bring your best faucet only to find out later that the installation has got a problem. Good news here is that nowadays installation has been made quite an easy thing to do. Even you can install kitchen faucet right after unwrapping it as all necessary tools and guidance available in the package.

What is a Touchless Kitchen Faucet?

As the name suggests “touchless” kitchen faucet gives you the privilege of using kitchen faucet without even touching it. There are so many advantages involved in making these kitchen faucets touchless. One of the most significant reasons is that when you are going to clean your dishes, you won’t make faucet dirty by touching it. The other privilege is speed of cleaning that you get from touchless kitchen faucet. Both of your hands will be free and just focused on cleaning the dishes rather than turning on/off the faucet.

Now dig into some of the working mechanism of touchless faucet as most of the people are pretty much interested that how it actually works. There are mostly motion sensors that could detect even the slightest gesture around these sensors to respond. In subsequent section, you will read more about the benefit of having responsive sensor that could answer your need within milliseconds. Initially, there were sensors which you would have to touch to operate them but soon manufacturers realized the need of all in all touchless faucets.

Most of the touchless kitchen faucets are of pull down models. Anyone who has even been to kitchen for dishing must know the fact that you get comfortable with pull down model faucet in order to have heavy duty cleaning. You can wash big dishes, pots etc. because of the pull down design which enables it to give powerful water flow.

Well you will be shortly given the information about high quality manufacturers producing quality touchless pull down kitchen faucets. The customer feedback is an important thing and you have to care about what works and does not work in your design. Here, we will see some of the benefits of the touchless kitchen faucet with a guide for anyone who wants to buy with a complete guide in subsequent sections.

How Does a Motion Sensor Faucet Work?

Whether you are a curious person or not but back of your mind the question arises that how the motion sensor faucet actually works. Before answering this question you must understand the fact that there are plenty of manufacturers which have been producing quality motion sensor faucets. Each of them has their very own manufacturing or design mechanism which is registered against their name. To make things clear we would like to give you a very fundamental operating mechanism of motion sensor faucet.

- It basically works like a switch where you need to actuate the diaphragm valve. The diaphragm valve in return is controlled by a solenoid which is responsible for turning on or off water supply. If you somehow control this solenoid to make decision without even touching it then you get the touchless sink faucet.

- In order to grasp the concept of motion sensor you have to first understand very basic problem which might be associated with this mechanism. You not only need to have a control over on and off but there should be some method which defines for how long the water supply should be running.

- The sensor gets aware of any movement in front of it and turns on the water supply. Now here comes the interesting part of sensor, it keeps giving you the water supply as long as it detects the object in front of it. Another great feature of most of these sensors is that they have a certain amount of time after which they have to stop the water flow in order to avoid any sort of flooding.

- For any motion sensor and solenoid make a huge impact and as far as manufacturers are concerned they do not like to have any problem in any of these parts. To keep them working fine there is a battery source available for both sensor and solenoid and mostly they are powered by AA batteries of around 6 or 9 volts. There are few cases where the sensor or solenoid is connected to the AC source as well.

- The connections are made out of fiber optics and that is the reason of its high quality performance. These connections and working mechanism play a huge role in determining the reliability of motion sensor faucet. Therefore, quality is always preferred over few bugs.


Most of the things are common when you get to buy touchless kitchen faucet from such a high quality brands. Prior to buying these faucets you must check out the sink hole configuration that it is made for in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

In a nutshell, choice of faucets is tough when the user is not provided with a complete information of the product. In this article, the detailed study of the faucet has been explained with description, specifications and usage. If you want to some very fascinating designed and eye catching faucets with multi-tasking capabilities and innovative features Moen, Kohler, Pfister, Delta Faucet and badiJum brings you a range of touchless kitchen faucets. Now compare and read touchless kitchen faucet reviews, select and buy your best Touchless kitchen faucet. Cheers!

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