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Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review

Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet ReviewYou must not have seen so many great features in a single touchless pull-down kitchen faucet like in this one. The Kohler Malleco touchless kitchen faucet with soap dispenser is going to fulfill all your needs in the kitchen. The most important feature of this kitchen faucet is that it has got one of the best sensors which responds in milliseconds.

You are going to read like many of these amazing features of this kitchen faucet in subsequent sections with bit of details. To be concise, this is truly going to give you the most reliable operation over the years. The metal construction is what ensures durability with stainless steel finish. It is highly recommended as it has got all the advantages in the world you can imagine in a touchless kitchen faucet. Let’s give it a read.

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Kohler has its standing amongst the best touchless kitchen faucets producers and this is for the valid reasons. In this Kohler Malleco touchless pull down kitchen faucet, you will get vibrant stainless finish which keeps it look new for the longer period of time. The spray head used in this kitchen faucet has got magnetic docking and it is to keep it fixed.

Sensor is an integral part of any touchless kitchen faucet and so is the case here. It is state-of-the-art sensor which can detect the slightest of hand movements as well. In milliseconds you will get the water supply and another good feature in this Kohler kitchen faucet is that the flow of water is automatically turned off after 4 minutes.

Of course with an elegant design it is provided with multiple technologies that could come handy in daily life. Promotion technology is one of them, the use of promotion technology here is to give you the perfect spray head control and you do not have to exhaust your energy to operate this.

Coverage area is another huge concern whenever you browse for kitchen faucet. Kohler has a solution for this too. The nozzles in this touchless kitchen faucet are made flexible to ensure you get the large coverage area for cleaning. There is no second thought on the quality of this faucet as it has been manufactured with pure metal and with ceramic disc valve, you will have a good quality overall. Batteries are included (6 AA batteries). The color coded quick connect there is no need to ask for heavy plumbing. DIY installation is supported by this touchless kitchen faucet.

Pros and Cons


When you compare any product and list down its pros and cons, you will have to eventually look at what outnumbers the other. Here you will see that Kohler Malleco touchless kitchen faucet has definitely more pros than the cons.

  • First and the foremost important thing in any kitchen faucet is its installation procedure. Not only the installation process is made easy in this kitchen faucet but it also supports 1,2,3 or 4 hole sink configurations.
  • Another good addition is the soap dispenser which is provided along with it as it is not the case with many other kitchen faucets.
  • The sensor is quite responsive and you will not have to see many delays in the response.
  • Even after years of use there will be no complain of leakages which really makes it the favorite one for you.
  • The high quality construction ensures you get the reliable operation and this is because of its all metal construction which is another plus.

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It is hard to see any cons related to this faucet but still some customers wanted quite a few things adjusted in this kitchen faucet. Let’s find out what they are.

  • First of all batteries are the real issue based on the common feedback by the customers. If you really do not want to change the batteries (which you will have to change after some time) then you can go for the adapter.


Well now you have a clear idea that this kitchen faucet is truly going to fulfill all your requirements. Last but not the least, this is also the one with simplest of the installation process in the market right now.