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8 Best Kitchen Faucet Brands of 2020

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Kitchen Faucet Brands

The decision to take which brand is most suitable for kitchen faucet truly depends on multiple factors. You may have come across some high quality kitchen faucets but they are less in style or amount is huge. There are top brands of kitchen faucets which we have also mentioned here one by one with their best models. You will mostly come across American and German based high end kitchen faucets brands and what if you have to choose top three world brands of kitchen faucets.

The list must contain the names of Kohler, Moen, Grohe, Kraus, Delta etc. depending on your preferences. Whenever you assess any brand you compare how much variety it has got then comes the quality of production with customer feedback and solutions. Here you are going to read about the best kitchen faucet brands with their best models and it will certainly help you in deciding where to go next time.


Without any second this is the most reliable kitchen faucet brand in North America as far as faucets are concerned (specially kitchen faucets). The design of Moen brand is credited with state of the art design and its amazing features. It has been producing reliable and long lasting faucets. Moen Arbor is one of the best designed kitchen faucets ever produced by Moen. With motion sense technology, this arbor model has got everything from high arc to double sensors and spot resistant finish. You will need 6 AA batteries to run its sensors. This model will surely give you the true flavor of Moen.

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The innovation of single handle faucets could be related to the founder of Delta faucets who first envisioned the idea of single handle faucet back in initial 20th century. There is no doubt on the quality faucets produced by Delta as they have got everything from construction to finish of the faucet. Delta Leland can be singled out as one of the best products by Delta and it has got high spout design that can handle good water flow. All metal construction of this faucet with multiple finishes will surely provide you the best services.

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As far as touchless kitchen faucets are concerned, Kohler is way ahead than many of its competitors. It has to offer you faucets with durable finishes and magnetic docking system allows for steady operation. Kohler Malleco is one of its kinds where you will get most of the features produced by Kohler. With touchless control and vibrant stainless finish, this is going to respond in milliseconds. The smooth spray head control is provided with this faucet. You will not have to worry about installation process as most of the parts are pre-assembled as you open it up. A highly recommended brand for kitchen faucets all around the world.

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Kraus kitchen faucets This brand is a unique one as it provides different design in kitchen faucets. It has mainly to offer non-traditional sort of faucets which is not commonly available in other brands. First and foremost important thing about Kraus kitchen faucets is that you will get it in less amount of money with good quality. Installation is another advantage that you are looking forward in any of the kitchen faucet. Kraus guarantees easy installation process so that you do not spend much on installation alone. With good budget, design and reliability this is a good choice indeed.

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Grohe Kitchen FaucetsThis brand can be called as German based brand as most of the employees are in Germany. It has to meet all the quality standards set by German authorities in production of kitchen faucets. The sole aim of Grohe is to provide you with the innovative technology in kitchen faucets. One of the very fine product of Grohe is Concetto kitchen faucet where you will find out the dual spray pull-down with high tech features. The powerful flow and great quality of the faucet will give you durable operation for sure.

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If you are fond of some innovative design in your kitchen faucets then this is the brand you have to go for. Approximately there are hundred different models of kitchen faucets available by Pfister. On top of it, you will get variation in installation configuration. It ranges between 1 to 4 hole installation configuration. From manufacturing process to finishing this has got quality standards to follow which in return provide you with the reliable kitchen faucets. This brand has been there for a century and in this tenure it has gone through many technological changes. It is the brand really you would love to bring in your kitchen.

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Hansgrohe Kitchen FaucetYou should really be careful as there is another German based faucets brand which is similar “Grohe”. This brand has been producing one of the quality kitchen faucets with great customer feedback. The quality of product by Hansgrohe brand is such that you can use for years to come. There is one thing that you should bear in mind that this brand is famous for maintaining traditional design for their faucets. Not only these qualities but this brand has got some service quality which makes sure solutions if you face afterwards.

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American Standard

American Standard Kitchen Faucet brandDo you want to have a kitchen faucet which is not only reliable but also costs you less. This is where the American standard has come into play. It has got good variation in design from traditional ones to newly designed faucets. One of the popular faucets by this brand is American standard heritage. It has got ceramic disc valving which guarantees drip-free operation. With wall mount faucet it has got brass construction which is long lasting. The finish on this faucet is of high quality which does not fade away with passage of time.

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You will have the same list of the best brands of kitchen faucets more or less anywhere and these are the brands have been providing quality faucets for decades or even centuries. Some of the brands stick to the traditional designs while others are pursuing innovations and technologies in the faucet such as Moen, Delta and Kohler, while there are few high end kitchen faucet brands namely; Rohl, Kingston Brass and Waterstone.